Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention (YMCI)

Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention (YMCI) services are available between the hours of 9:00 AM until 11:00 PM 365 days a year. This is primarily a mobile, on-site, face-to-face therapeutic response to children and youth, up to age 18, experiencing a behavioral/mental health crisis. The purpose of this service is to work toward assessing, treating, and stabilizing the situation and reducing immediate risk of danger to the youth or others. When it is indicated, YMCI staff arrange person-centered behavioral health services to treat his/her behavioral health condition based on the assessment completed, the individual’s demonstrated medical need and their treatment preferences.  YMCI staff coordinates care with current service providers and/or newly referred providers to share information. The provider also connects the individual and his/her family with resources and referrals for additional services and supports in their community. It is expected that all crisis encounters minimally include the three basic components of crisis assessment, stabilization and coordination of care.

Service Implementation during COVID-19

YMCI is offering in-person crisis response services as long as it is safe to do so. We also offer either virtual or in-person support when needed. YMCI is here to support families through the changes and uncertainties of these times. Staff recognize that this is a challenging time for individuals, families and communities and are here to provide support and assistance.

Access to Youth Mobile Crisis Services is open to any child or youth in Clark County regardless of Medicaid or insurance coverage!

Call the Southwest Washington Crisis Line
(800) 626-8137

The YMCI team consists of a Clinical Supervisor, Master’s and/or Bachelor’s  level clinicians, and clinical care coordinators that work in rotations to provide coverage every day of the week from 9am-11pm.  Whenever possible, the clinicians and care coordinators will respond together to provide comprehensive crisis services. All crisis services are provided under the direction of the responding clinician.  YMCI is designed to be a brief intervention focusing on crisis stabilization but services can remain open for up to 7 days to complete care coordination. Our team has been instrumental in supporting parents/guardians, connecting them with appropriate resources and to follow up with primary healthcare and mental health providers.

For additional information please contact Carole Gamoy, Supervisor;